Active Construction

Active Construction

Bryan Mall High Rise Renovations
March 2023 - July 2026

This project will renovate the three residence halls known as the Bryan Mall Hi-Rises. Byrnes Hall will be renovated first with a planned project schedule of May 2023 to August 2024. Plans are to similarly renovate Manning Hall starting in May 2024 through July 2025, and Lever Hall from May 2025 through July 2026.

Concept rendering of the Byrnes Hall Renovation

Byrnes Hall Renovation
May 2023 - August 2024

Byrnes Hall consists of approximately 100,000 square feet of living space. There are approximately 475 beds, with a total of 1450 beds in the three halls. Many systems in the building are past their useful lives, and the interior spaces no longer meet the needs of students in key areas of bathroom privacy, common study, and social space. These three buildings were built between 1967 and 1970 and have had minimal renovations since construction. While maintenance is performed annually on the buildings, the building systems are mostly original, not energy efficient, and are not compliant with current code requirements.

The high-rise renovations will include repairing the building envelopes, improving accessibility, installing new fire sprinkler systems, replacing the plumbing, HVAC, electrical systems, and abating any hazardous materials. Additionally, the project will include renovating interior spaces, renovating bathroom and common spaces to accommodate modern student preferences, and improving the existing courtyard, currently used for parking, to enhance the student experience. Approximately 210 of the current 1,450 beds are located in the interior of the buildings and will be converted into student lounge and programming space to provide a better resident experience. The proposed renovations will bring the facilities up to current standards and extend the useful life for another 40 years.

The 3 high-rise residence halls are located amidst the hub of East Campus student activity, with the Schiletter Dining Hall and Hendrix Student Center immediately adjacent, sharing courtyards and pedestrian walkways used by thousands of students every day. The construction area will be very constricted due to daily student life on the immediate perimeter.

Tree Management Plan

The courtyard and surrounding area will be landscaped at the conclusion of construction, with new trees, flowers, and student appurtenances such as sidewalks, benches, and bicycle racks.


  • Upgrading living spaces throughout
  • Utilities will be replaced with new fire, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems
  • Renovations will accommodate modern student preferences
  • Improvements will expand the useful life for another 40 years

Project Team

General Contractor:
Juneau Construction Company
Atlanta, GA

Structural Engineer:
Michael M. Simpson & Assoc.
Greenville, SC

Civil Engineer:
Land Planning Assoc.
Easley, SC

Primary Architect:
Boudreaux Group
Columbia, SC

Secondary Architect:
Charleston, SC

Electrical Engineer:
Belka Engineering Associates
Columbia, SC

Landscape Architect:
Jonathan Ceci Landscape Architects
Baltimore, MD

AV/Telecom/Security Design:
Bright Tree Studios
Warrendale, PA

Mechanical, Plumbing, and Fire Protection Engineer:
Swygert and Associates
Columbia, SC