Active Construction

Active Construction

Roadway Pedestrian Safety Improvements
Anticipated Completion Fall 2023
Concept rendering of the Roadway Pedestrian Safety Improvements

Adjustments for Perimeter Road are being made in accordance with traffic control and pedestrian safety. Notably transitioning the road from two-lanes to four due to the influx of commuter traffic throughout the week.

Project Team

North Charleston, South Carolina

Construction Manager at Risk:
Archer Western Construction
Carey, North Carolina

Tree Management Plan

This project requires the removal of trees to allow for additional roadway lanes and stormwater detention areas. Tree protection procedures are in place to preserve trees identified to be protected during the construction process. A complete planting plan and planted roadway median is included in the design.


  • Project improves traffic volume capacity on Perimeter Road.
  • Incorporates traffic lights at intersections and integrates pedestrian crossing signals.
  • Addition of a separated multi modal pathway for improved pedestrian safety.