Active Construction

Active Construction

Advanced Materials Innovation Complex Construction
May 2023 - October 2025
Concept rendering of the Advanced Materials Innovation Complex

Following the end of the Spring 2023 semester, construction will begin on the Advanced Materials Innovation Complex (AMIC). With an anticipated completion date of October 2025, AMIC will be the home of Materials Science and Engineering with researchers and educators from the departments of MSE and Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering working collaboratively in their new space. AMIC is designed to support nearly 250 research faculty and personnel. The AMIC undergraduate labs will accommodate more than 12,000 students per week.

Project Team

HOK Architects, Inc.
Atlanta, GA

Construction Manager at Risk:
DPR Construction
Greenville, SC

Tree Management Plan

In order to build AMIC, trees must be removed. However, great care was taken to site the building to minimize tree removal. Seventeen existing trees will remain on site and will be protected during construction. The 27 trees that are scheduled for removal will be harvested and used in the AMIC building. Once construction is complete, more trees will exist around the site than before with a total of 57 new trees to be planted.


  • Project Budget of $130 Million
  • A building footprint of approximately 145,000 square feet
  • 100% of students within AMIC will conduct research

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