Planning, Design and Construction
Vendor FAQ

Below are a number of common questions we've received over the years from vendors in regards to upcoming projects.

Q: Where are projects advertised?

A: All projects bid through capital projects are advertised in South Carolina Business Opportunities (SCBO). This publication is updated daily and is available free of charge on their website.

Q: Where can I obtain plans and specifications on a particular project?

A: Plans, specifications, and other pertinent information on each project is located on the Capital Projects Construction Projects website.

Q: Where can I obtain a Notice of Intent to Award on a project?

A: Each Notice of Intent to Award, SE-370, is posted on the Capital Projects website at the address website link listed in the advertisement.

Q: How can I obtain a bid tabulation?

A: Bid tabulations are sent within ten days to each contractor submitting a bid on a particular project.

Q: How do I obtain a bidder’s list on a particular project?

A: Clemson University does not maintain a bidder’s list due to most of our pre-bid conferences are non-mandatory, and we do not have electronic monitoring of potential bidders that access our project website. This also includes a list or subcontractors.

Q: If I have a question that is unique to a particular project; where can I find the Owner’s Representative contact information?

A: A Project Manager for each project is listed in each advertisement, with his or her contact information.