Planning, Design and Construction
Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies serve as the first step in the design process allowing the University to identify the constraints, opportunities, and risk factors associated with a proposed project. These studies are also integrated with the Long-range Framework Plan and aligned with campus needs.

Planning Design & Construction provides a Feasibility Study Template which helps define the scope definition, program development, conceptual design, and conceptual cost estimates for a proposed project. This template should be referenced by architects and engineers when developing the scope of services for a feasibility study proposal. It also serves as a checklist of items that A/Es should address during the creation of a feasibility study and prior to the delivery of a final report to Clemson University.

Photograph of Pete Knudsen
Pete Knudsen
Director of
Planning & Design

Have Questions?

Questions about the Feasibility Study Template or Clemson's approach to feasibility studies can be sent to Director of Planning & Design, Pete Knudsen. Pete can be reached by phone at (864) 643-6070.

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