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Serving all units within the organization, Space Management maintains the data attributes related to building square footage, lab and office occupants, facilities inventory and classification codes for all rooms, and maintains up to date building floorplans. To ensure accurate accounting of occupants within offices and labs, a website has been developed to allow University stakeholders to easily update and maintain usage of the spaces. This office works closely with the University Planning and Design Office in assisting with solutions to facilities requests and needs.

University Planning & Design assists in the governance of the Capital Project & Space Assignment Approval Policy. This policy was enacted to ensure the following:

  • Capital project proposals are properly developed to meet stakeholder needs while maintaining alignment with University priorities and plans
  • Building space is allocated responsibly, strategically, and efficiently to serve the best interests of the University and its programs
  • Development of capital projects and the allocation of University space are coordinated in unison to assist in delivering the future state defined by ClemsonForward and the Long-Range Framework Plan

Requests for capital projects or allocation of space should be initiated through completion of a Project/Space Request Form. University Planning & Design, in coordination with the University Planning Advisory Team (UPAT), will assist University stakeholders in the development of quality, expedited solutions to facilities needs.