Planning, Design and Construction
Master Planning

University Planning & Design is responsible for the development and implementation of Clemson's Campus and Preservation Master Plans. We play a key role in plotting the course of future campus developments while also serving as its advocate to inspire creative and thoughtful solutions that preserve and respect historic resources, while supporting a dynamic university environment.

Long-range Framework Plan

Completed in December 2017, the Long-range Framework Plan is a decision-making tool. It charts an overall structure for future development, new open spaces, and mobility networks, while allowing flexibility to enable the University to respond to changing conditions and circumstances. In support of ClemsonForward (Clemson’s Strategic Plan), the Framework Plan identifies the physical improvements that will enable the University to become:

  • A national leader in learning through student-centered, evidence-based academic and global engagement

  • Internationally known for innovation and creativity grounded in basic research and unique public-private partnerships

  • The place to work and learn characterized by a welcoming, inclusive, and supportive campus environment

  • A leading land grant university

The Framework Plan is visionary, while building firmly upon Clemson’s rich history, traditions, campus character, and strong sense of community. It aims to enhance a special, “high seminary of learning” for teaching, research, and public service aligned with changing demands of the coming decades.

Preservation Master Plan

The Clemson University Preservation Master Plan looks holistically at the core campus and adjacent lands. Using the past as a framework, the plan provides guidance for stewardship and decision-making as it relates to preserving, protecting, and understanding the collective stories of the past and resources associated with them. The heart of the plan can be found in the design guidelines and treatment recommendations sections, which provide the tools and solutions necessary to effectively make decisions pertaining to historic resources as the university grows and changes.

Campus Bikeways Master Plan

In an effort to support the University’s commitment to environmental sustainability while promoting health and wellness for active lifestyles for members of the Clemson community, University Planning & Design developed a master plan for campus bikeways. This plan outlines a comprehensive network of bike lanes, shared roadways, shared use paths and mountain biking trails that connects the entire extended campus. Bikeways Design Guidelines are also available which can be used in to ensure consistency when developing bikeways and related development at Clemson University.