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Tiger Training

Tiger Training is Clemson University’s designated Training Management System, to be used for all University required (compliance) and optional training.

e-Learning Online with Percipio®

Percipio® software system includes pre-programmed Learning Paths (Aspire Journeys), Certification Paths, and an extensive and comprehensive Learning Library with online Books, Audio and Video courses. Click on the following link:

The Percipio® app can also be downloaded from the Apple App Store or from Google Play.

Civil Treatment® Professional Development Programs

Civil Treatment® for Leaders provides a comprehensive approach to fair employment practices to help managers learn to deal constructively with employee and student issues and relationships on the job.

Civil Treatment® for Employees provides a comprehensive approach to fair employment practices in the workplace. It is designed to help employees learn steps to follow should an uncomfortable situation arise and provide instructions about the University’s policies and procedures for addressing these situations. It provides an interactive, skills-based approach to learning that encourages all employees to do their share in building a professional, respectful and productive workplace environment free of harassment and retaliation.

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Title IX Training on Sexual Harassment/Sexual Violence/Sexual Misconduct (for Student Organizations)

– This three part video series provides an overview of Title IX for student organizations and discusses issues related to sexual harassment, sexual violence and sexual misconduct. The course will address university responsibilities, the compliant process, the student code of conduct, the definition of consent, and resources and support available to persons who experience sexual victimization.

To view the videos, click here.

Recognizing Workplace Harassment/Discrimination

– Provides an overview of the University’s policy on harassment/discrimination. This session discusses various forms of harassment/discrimination and the University’s process for filing and resolving complaints. For persons interested in taking an online course addressing sexual harassment and other workplace harassment issues, please contact us at for access information.

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