Clemson Facilities Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Facilities Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee (DEI Committee) is a group of appointed members that will be creating and implementing action plans that will further diversity, equity, and inclusion. The DEI Committee consists of the following Facilities employees:

The DEI committee members hope that our passion for change will be both seen and felt through the ongoing discussions in and out of the committee meetings. Through your interactions with us, we can ensure that we grow and infuse the spirit of inclusion into the roots of Facilities to make our unit an even better place to work. Always feel free to reach out to any member of our Facilities DEI Committee for an open discussion or to bring concerns related to diversity, equity, and inclusion to the table.

Photo of Anthony Harvey
Anthony Harvey
Associate Director of Residential Maintenance
Photo of Dhruv Jain
Dhruv Jain
Lead Software Developer
Photo of Faith Christner
Faith Christner
Workforce Support
Photo of Ashley Reynolds
Ashley Reynolds
Career Progression Coach
Photo of Billy Bolger
Billy Bolger
Utility Municipal Engineer
Photograph of David Johnson
David Johnson
Facilities Custodial Inspector
Photograph of Jayson Sanstrum
Jayson Sanstrum
Residential Custodial Zone Manager
Photograph of Jeff Baker
Jeff Baker
Photograph of Kristen Price
Kristen Price
Facilities Custodial Contract Services Manager
Photo of Tim Stowers
Tim Stowers
Photograph of Sam White
Sam White
Facilities Custodial Supervisor
Photograph of Tommy Fallaw
Tommy Fallaw
Director of Landscape Services
Photo of Todd Barnette
Todd Barnette
Chief Facilities Officer
Photograph of Kailash Munoth
Kailash Munoth
Project Manager
Photo of Dennis Holt
Dennis Holt
Life Safety Project Manager
Photo of Courtney Wald
Courtney Wald
Facilities Support Supervisor
Photo of Drew Roper
Drew Roper
Dining Supervisor
Photo of Oscar Salazar
Oscar Salazar
Shift Operator
Photograph of Sharea Heriot
Sharea Heriot
Residential Custodial East Campus
Photograph of Matthew Sloop
Matthew Sloop
Photograph of Brenda Nix
Brenda Nix
Assistant Supervisor
Photo of Ryan Foster
Ryan Foster
Central Area Plumbing
Photograph of Lora Martin
Lora Martin
Photograph of Lizzy Anast
Lizzy Anast
Recycling Coordinator
Photo of Dale Herron
Dale Herron
HVAC Technician