Clemson Facilities Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Active DEI Committee Corrective Actions

Observation Corrective Action Responsible Person Status
Observation from DEI Survey or Meeting What is the plan to correct the problem? Name of the person responsible for corrective action and their estimate of completion date. Date action is complete or status update
Develop a total compensation template for Facilities Investigating potential development: 12/6/22 - (Joy,Faith, David, Juliette, Aubrey, and Jan - participated in Teams Meeeting and discussed plans for a statement of benefits) Jan Myers is the new Benfits Administrator and she is actively working on a compensation calculator. Todd / David / Faith / Ashley HR Benefits Administrator will evaluate / ongoing / Need to followup /
Establish Facilities Recognition Program Investigating options Courtney, Kristen, David, Faith Awaiting roll out of Facilities Operational Excellence Plan / Recommending including recognition coins / Courtney, Kristen, Faith, and David will plan to work on this initiative.
DEI Recommendations/Suggestions from Survey DEI Committee continuing to evaluate DEI Committee In order to conserve time in our meetings, we formed a subcommittee to review suggestions and direct concern to the specific area.
Add representation to committee from other departments. Evaluate options: We have added two members from Residential Custodial / one from Recycle / What other areas need representation? DEI Committee Need rep from Construction Shop, HVAC, PDC?
Roll out Facilities Operational Excellence Plan Putting thought into best approach for deployment and training DEI Committee (Anthony, Ashley, Dennis, Tim, David) We have made presentation to the Facilities leadership group (4/5/23) and the Custodial/Recycle leadership group (4/26/23). Need to work with Tom and his group to determine how and when to roll out. Back in March of 2023, started working with Liz Whaley to provide training based on the connection of ethical standard training and operational excellence principles. Planning a training session in the 1st quarter of 2024.
What is the possibility of reporting Career Progression metrics (number eligible employees vs actual enrolled employees)? Contact Tom about possibility of providing metric. David Ashley will touch base with Tom Jones about publishing this metric. As of 10/27/23 we have 77% of frontline employees participating.
Plan to resurvey Facilities Set a date for survey to be sent out DEI Committee Survey was rolled out July 11. we will close on August 11. This has been completed. Go over results in 10/31/23 meeting. Planning to classify responses according to operational excellence principles and create action list.
Possibilty of organizing another "Day in the Life of Facilities" working recommendation for "a day in the life of Facilities" Mac / Anthony / ongoing
Set up a calendar for guest speakers Compiling a list of potential speakers/trainers. David /Ashley / Faith Todd has invited Ale Kennedy, Chief HR Officer, September 26th at 0830. 10/27/23 Anthony Wagner is scheduled to attend our meeting.
Generate ideas to celebrate cultures investigate what cultural activities we have on campus DEI Committee We plan to emphasize cultural activites as recommended or communicated by Mary Erin Morrissey - Director of Inclusive Initiatives
Develop guidelines for Bring a Friend to DEI meetings Get an idea of the number of people interested in attending our committee meeting. DEI Committee ongoing
Develop a schedule for DEI reps to attend Growls Need to discuss in next meeting DEI Committee ongoing

Completed DEI Committee Corrective Actions

Observation Corrective Action Responsible Person Status
Observation from DEI Survey or Meeting What is the plan to correct the problem? Name of the person responsible for corrective action and their estimate of completion date. Date action is complete or status update
• DEI Committee should have a presence in the Newsletter: 1. Expectation is that this committee should report a DEI update/news in every Newsletter. 2. Next Newsletter should include results of Survey and thanking employees for taking time out to complete this survey. Their voice does matter, and their input is greatly appreciated. Information on reporting discrimination and harassment should also be shared since several employees did not understand the process for reporting these items. For planning purposes Faith will reach out to Colleen to inquire about timeline for submitting items for the newsletter 3. It was suggested that a PR Committee be established to take this for action. 4. Need to discuss further to determine who to designate to do this committee? Stella, Ashley, Faith, and David will coordinate with other committee members to provide content for each quarterly Facilitator. David, Faith, Ashley, and Stella complete
• Establish website for DEI Committee – I believe that Ashley said she would get with Keith related to this?? Design new website for Facilities DEI Keith, Dhruv, Ashley Complete
Perhaps have a common area, in SharePoint or on the H Drive, where we can upload all our DEI Documents/Surveys Investigate suitable location for shared info Ashley, Keith, Dhruv Complete
IDI assessment for DEI Committee Notified Kendra - IDI was scheduled Todd and Faith IDI completed and committee members debriefed / Complete
Send Email to all Facilities Employees Once Website Is Published na Ashley or Faith Complete
Send Kendra Email of Website Link na Ashley Complete
Inclusive Hiring Committee List – Need to Work on Updating List as It Is Very Outdated List has been reviewed and updated Anthony, Stella, Todd, Faith, Louis, Jason, Tommy Complete
Schedule implicit bias training for DEI committee contacted Kendra Ashley or Faith Complete
What can we do to increase awareness of DEI? Evaluate options DEI Committee Take group picture and list representation from each area - possibly share in newsletter / bulletin boards / information monitors /ongoing / Complete
Re-evaluate work uniforms Uniform sub-committee to make suggestions to Department Heads and then find best solution for giving employees new options (i.e. sweatshirts/tshirts), while staying within the boundaries of the uniform policy. Dennis Holt ongoing
Establish Facilities Exclusive Lunch hosted by AVP Facilities Working on coordinating and scheduling the luncheon Todd and Colleen Established Food, Friends, and Fellowship (F3) to help Facilities employees to get to know eachother. Ashley will be the coordinator for this initiative.
Establish suggestion Box for employees to anonymously submit suggestions for improvement. Need to establish location for box, who will monitor, who will respond, etc Increase awareness and use of Suggestion Box Dennis So far we have 13 boxes in strategic locations across campus / ongoing
DEI Board – Meet your DEI Committee Members Set up DEI board Ashley Posting information on monitors across Facilities work areas.
Publish Action Items on DEI Website We will post action items David / Dhruv ongoing
Possibility of Omsbud Training for more of Facilities. Evaluate options DEI Committee Possibility of 1. inviting OMSBUDs to next Facilities event, 2. have OMBUDS accompany Todd at the next Road Show or department meeting / ongoing
Develop a plan to include DEI rep in Onboarding meet with John to get a better understanding of the structure of orientation David / Faith / Ashley Ashley and Faith are actively involved with onboarding. Complete
Consider the possibility of a new name for our committee. ( something with the theme of respect) The Committee discussed this suggestion. DEI Committee The majority of committee decided not to change the name.