Green Tiger One

Green Tiger One

Construction Schedule

The Green Tiger One Team has developed a master construction schedule detailing project milestones and dependencies. GT1 will continue to coordinate construction activities with all the Building Security Coordinators in buildings where a Facility Improvement Measure implementation is planned. Regular updates to the construction schedule are expected and the master constructon schedule linked on this page will be updated accordingly.

The Master Construction Schedule is available as a spreadsheet as well, providing some ability to find, sort and filter information quickly in software such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

Subject to Change

It is important to note that scheduling a project of this size involving multiple crews and subcontractors requires a significant amount of coordination. Much of the equipment used on this project requires a significant amount of "Lead Time," which is the time it takes to manufacture and ship the equipment to the job site. In addition, many of the components being installed are weather-dependent, and delays are often unpredictable. Since many of the construction activities depend heavily on previously completed activities, any disruptions in the schedule will dramatically affect the succeeding activities.