Utility Services

Utility Services

Utility Construction
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Clemson University continues to evolve, with upgrades to existing buildings and the construction of much needed facilities for students, faculty and staff. The development of Douthit Hills into a hub for student living and recreation, along with the new building being constructed for the College of Business requires the upgrade of campus electrical, telecommunication, and utility systems. In addition to these added loads, the equipment and infrastructure that currently supports campus dates back to the 1950’s and needs to be replaced to avoid frequent unplanned power outages.

The 2012 to 2017 electrical distribution maintenance upgrades paved the way for the major system upgrades and improvements that began in 2018 and are anticipated to be completed by Fall of 2021.

Photograph of Jarred Fleming
Jarred Fleming
Utility Construction Project Manager

Highway 93

Highway 93 utility work was the first phase of campus utility upgrades and is nearing completion. This project will result in the installation of electrical and telecommunications raceway systems, as well as thermal distribution utility piping and valves along Highway 93 (Walter T. Cox Blvd.). Other objectives include selective demolition and repairs of the roadway, sidewalk, and landscaping. Project activity will span Highway 93 from Centennial Road to Cherry Road.

A two phased re-alignment of the Calhoun and Highway 93 intersection will take place as well while this work is in progress. Phase one was completed during the summer of 2018 and phase two will take place during the summer of 2019.

Impact to Pedestrians, Vehicles and Businesses

Access to adjacent, non-University properties is always being maintained, and the flow of pedestrian as well as vehicular traffic will be maintained to the greatest extent possible.

Estimated Date of Completion

It is anticipated that utility construction along Highway 93 will be complete by June of 2019 and phase two re-alignment work of the Calhoun and Highway 93 intersection will be complete by August of 2019, barring delays due to unforeseen conditions. Construction activities will be limited during special events on campus (i.e., home sporting events, commencement, concerts, etc). All lanes of Highway 93 will be open during heavy traffic loads including fall student move in, home football games, and other major events.

McMillan Road

As Highway 93 Utility work winds down, major construction will begin along McMillan Road. This project will result in the installation of electrical and telecommunications raceway systems, as well as thermal distribution utility piping and valves along McMillan Road. Other objectives include the widening of Newman Road intersection. Project activity will span McMillan Road from Perimeter Road to East Library Circle.

Additional Projects to Come

Electrical and communication raceway installations along Cherry and Perimeter roads as well as other inner campus roads and parking lots will be phased throughout the next two years. This work will affect interior roads, sidewalks and parking lots. All phases are expected to be wrapped up by August of 2021.

The disruptive nature of these upgrades is appreciated but the decision to proceed is born out of necessity rather than choice. However, once completed, Clemson University will be better equipped to serve the needs of campus life for decades to come.

How to Find Out the Latest Info

Time-sensitive updates can be found on the official University Facilities Twitter account, and more thorough statements on project activity will be made available on the University Facilities blog site.

If you have questions or concerns about the Highway 93 project or McMillan Road, please contact Utility Services Project Manager Jarred Fleming.