Green Tiger One

Green Tiger One

The Green Tiger One Project

Green Tiger One is a collection of various energy efficiency projects occurring throughout campus that will positively affect the students, faculty, and staff at Clemson University. The initiative will implement many improvements with the project's overall goal to replace aging facility infrastructure, reduce campus utility-related CO2 equivalent emissions by over 20%, and ultimately move the University closer to our 2030 Carbon Neutrality Goal.

Partners on the Path to Carbon Neutrality

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GT1 is a partnership between Clemson University and Johnson Controls, Inc. The project is designed to promote long-term sustainability, lessen the University's environmental footprint, and dramatically reduce campus utility costs. An overview of the project's financial benefits is presented below:

  • a ~$45 million Dollar performance contract - one of the largest in the region
  • funded through guaranteed energy savings over a 15-year contract term
  • guaranteed savings of ~$3 million annually, or $8,200 per day

Project Highlights

Green Tiger One includes the installation of approximately 20,992 LED retrofit kits, 7,024 replacement LED fixtures, 1,996 LED re-lamped fixtures and 6,010 four-button switches. The GT1 project is the largest LED-fication drive in Clemson University's history and will lead to a significant reduction in the consumption of campus electricity.

Several buildings will be converted from using a constant exhaust system to a variable exhaust system which will significantly reduce energy utilization during unoccupied hours while reducing energy waste through optimization of the exhaust system for occupied hours.

In addition, GT1 will include the replacement of several aging chillers, cooling towers, pumps, and other HVAC equipment throughout campus. These changes will reduce campus electrical consumption modernize our equipment to meet the current and future needs.