Recycling Services
Recycling for Off Campus

Take your recyclables to Clemson’s Kite Hill Recycling Facility! Everyone is welcome to use our recycling drop off at Kite Hill; however, we only accept household waste (no commercial waste, please). Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 🕢 7:30 am until 🕓 4:00 pm, and closed on weekends. If you have any questions about anything recycling related, please call (864) 643-6030.

As a result of COVID-19 safety protocols, there is a new traffic pattern for dropping off recyclables.

🍟🍗🛢️ Recycle your used cooking oil at Kite Hill! We have Fat, Oil, and Grease collection in place until the end of January!

 Accepted Items

plastic bottles pic

​#1 Plastic bottles​

plastic bottles & jugs pic

​#2 Plastic bottles & jugs

plastic cups pic

​#5 Plastic cups (e.g. Starbucks cups)

plastic lids pic

​#5 Plastic lids​

plastic containers pic

​#5 Plastic containers

 Not Accepted

plastic bags pic

​Plastic bags

plastic cups pic

​#1-4 and 6-7 Plastic cups

Plastic Containers pic

​#1-4 and 6-7 Plastic containers

Plastic utensils​ pic

​Plastic utensils​

Plastic wrap pic

​Plastic wrap

Plastic straws pic

​Plastic straws

Nitrile or latex gloves pic

​Nitrile or latex gloves

Styrofoam pic


 Accepted Items

glass bottles pic

​Glass bottles ​(all colors)​

glass bottles pic

​Glass jars

 Not Accepted

tempered glass pic

​Tempered glass (e.g. Pyrex, lab beakers)

Mirrors pic


Window glass​ pic

​Window glass​

 Accepted Items

Aluminum Cans pic

​Aluminum cans (clean)

Aluminum foil pic

​Aluminum foil (clean)

Steel cans pic

​Steel cans (clean)

Batteries pic

​Alkaline batteries​

Copper pic


Brass pic


Other Metal pic

​Other metals

 Not Accepted

Aerosol cans pic

​Aerosol cans

Propane Tanks pic

​Propane tanks

 Accepted Items

printer paper pic

Copy/printer paper (staples are ok)​

envelopes pic

Envelopes (remove plastic window)​

newspaper pic


magazines​ pic


sticky notes pic

​Sticky notes (remove adhesive)

books pic


notebooks pic

Notebooks (remove spiral)​

Fliers & brochures pic

Fliers & brochures

paper bag pic

​Paper Bags

 Not Accepted

paper plates pic

​Paper plates

Paper cups pic

​Paper cups

Paper towels & tissues​ pic

​Paper towels & tissues​

Soiled paper pic

​Soiled paper

Binders pic


Beverage cartons pic

​Beverage cartons

 Accepted Items

Food scraps pic

​Food scraps

Compostable plates & containers pic

​Compostable plates & containers

Coffee & paper ​Filters​ pic

​Coffee & paper ​Filters​

Tea bags​ pic

​Tea bags​

Compostable cups ​& lids pic

​Compostable cups ​& lids

Compostable utensils pic

​Compostable utensils (say “compostable”)​

Paper towels ​& napkins​ pic

​Paper towels ​& napkins​

 Not Accepted In This Bin

Styrofoam pic


Sauce packets pic

​Sauce Packets

Nitrile or latex gloves pic

​Nitrile or latex gloves

Plastic wrap pic

​Plastic Wrap

 Accepted Items

cardboard pic


pizza boxes pic

Pizza boxes (clean)

Paperboard pic


Coffee cup sleeves​ pic

​Coffee cup sleeves​

 Not Accepted In This Bin

Styrofoam packaging pic

Styrofoam Packaging

Plastic wrap pic

​Plastic Wrap

plastic bags pic

​Plastic Bags

 Accepted Items

wood pic


Concrete​ pic


Drywall pic


Bricks pic


 Not Accepted In This Bin

fluorescent lamps pic

Fluorescent lamps

Paint cans with liquid paint​ pic

Paint cans with liquid paint​

 Accepted Items

Used motor oil pic

Used motor oil

Drained oil containers pic

Drained oil containers

Oil filters pic

Oil filters

 Not Accepted In This Bin

Anti-freeze pic


 Accepted Items

fluorescent lamps pic

Fluorescent lamps

LED lamps pic

LED lamps

High intensity lamps pic

High intensity lamps

Neon lamps pic

Neon lamps

Ballasts pic


 Not Accepted In This Bin

Incandescent bulbs pic

Incandescent bulbs

Broken lamps pic

Broken lamps

* For broken bulbs or lamps on campus, please contact June Brockcarroll, Hazardous Materials Manager, at 864-633-6357.

separate lamps pic

1.​ Separate lamps by shape and type: straight, CFLS, and Miscellaneous (all others including u-shaped) and keep in separate containers.​

lamp storage drum pic

2.​ Place lamp(s) into box and tape closed. If you do not have the original box, you can get a Lamp Storage Drum from Occupational and Environmental Safety.​

label pic

3.​ Label each box with department, date, bulb style, & number of bulbs.​

OES Universal Waste Lamps storage unit pic

4.​ Bring the boxes to the OES Universal Waste Lamps storage unit (White and Black Utility building) located at the Hazardous Waste Management Facility area, 502 Lake Drive, between the hours of 8:30am – 3:30 pm, or to Kite Hill Recycling Center and hand off to an employee between 6am - 2pm on Tuesdays & Thursdays​

 Accepted Items

Laptops & computer towers​ pic

Laptops & computer towers​

Gaming consoles​ pic

Gaming consoles​

Cell phones pic

Cell phones

Flat screen TVs & monitors​ pic

Flat screen TVs & monitors​

​Cameras & camcorders pic

Cameras & camcorders

​CD/DVD players, VCRs pic

CD/DVD players, VCRs

​CDs pic


​Keyboards & mice pic

Keyboards & mice

* We only accept items that were not purchased by Clemson University. All Clemson University property must go through surplus.

 Not Accepted In This Bin

Kite Hill Recycling does NOT accept the following items. If you have used, rechareable batteries please recycle these with a specialized outlet such as Batteries Plus.

​Non flat screen TVs & monitors pic

Non flat screen TVs & monitors

​Lithium batteries pic

Lithium batteries

​clemson icon pic

Items purchased by Clemson University

 Accepted Items

​Clothing pic


​Household goods pic

Household goods

 Not Accepted In This Bin

​Ripped or worn out clothing pic

Ripped or worn out clothing

​Damaged household goods pic

Damaged household goods

​Food pic