Recycling Services

Recycling Services

Recycling Guidelines

Recycling operations at Clemson are managed through University Facilities (Clemson Recycling Services) for all academic and general buildings, through Housing and Dining (now part of University Facilities) for residence halls and dining halls, and through Athletics for athletics buildings.

Housing and Dining's team of recycling staff manages bins, signage, and collections (see the Housing and Dining section). The collected recyclables are brought to Kite Hill and processed with the rest of the campus’s recycling.

Athletics cooperates with Facilities to manage their recycling, especially for home football games.

On Campus Recycling

While many items are recyclable, some are not. A common example of non-recyclable is single-use food containers. Below is a list of items we can process.

Accepted Items

  • Plastics #1 and #2 (plastic bottles, jugs, and rigid plastics)
  • Glass
  • Clean Aluminum & Tin
  • Metal Office Supplies
  • Office Paper
  • Magazines
  • Newspaper
  • Paperboard
  • Clean Corrugated Cardboard (flattened is appreciated)