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Maintenance Services

Sherwin Williams Interior Paint Guide

In order to ensure that interior spaces share a consistent look throughout campus, University Facilities has partnered with Sherwin Williams to standardize what options are available for interior design paints.

Choose From a Variety of Samples

Interior paint choices consist of combinations of three different colors, resembling samples like those you might find suggested by your local hardware store. There are 16 combinations to choose from, each one carefully considered by comparison with each other.

Photograph of Sherwin Willams logo
Color Combinations Sample 1
Color Combinations Sample 2
Color Combinations Sample 3
Examples of color combinations found in the Sherwin Williams Interior Paint Guide.

All available combinations can be viewed in our downloadable Sherwin Williams Interior Paint Guide. This should be referred to when painting is required for renovations.

Regarding Brand Colors

Please note that combinations of colors related to the Clemson University brand are not available as a choice for interior spaces. Conversely, the colors within the Sherwin Williams Interior Paint Guide should not be used to represent Clemson University in official publications and communications.

If you have general questions or concerns about any of the information above, please contact our Structural Area Representative.