Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

Department Overview

The department of Maintenance works hard to provide an ensure an exceptional learning and working environment for the entire campus. In terms of maintenance, we provide support through three main avenues: Area Maintenance, Interior Utilities, and Structural Maintenance.

If you have a question or concern about Facilities maintenance, please see our contact information.

Maintenance and Preventive Maintenance

When it comes to providing maintenance services, our overall goal to improve the quality of service through increased responsiveness. The types of jobs performed by our people are primarily preventive maintenance and minor repairs. They are the direct link between the customer and Facilities for most repairs.

Service Areas

Maintenance requests are distributed between two service areas, Central and Perimeter. Central Area is responsible for issues that crop up in the heart of campus, while Perimeter is equipped to support customers along and beyond the campus perimeter. To see where a particular building falls within these two areas, please see our Area Coverage map.

Photograph of Michael E. Smith
Michael E. Smith