Utility Services

Utility Services

Metasys Building Automation System

Through a partnership with Johnson Controls, Inc., Utility Services is uses the Metasys Building Automation System to centrally manage HVAC systems throughout campus. Metasys allows University Facilities to monitor a building's overall energy efficiency, identify potential problems and make adjustments to equipment as needed. While the system is primarily used by our Energy Management Systems group, access to Metasys is also available to our customers, allowing them to view energy use within classrooms, office spaces, labs, and more.

Getting Started with Metasys

Photograph of Matthew Holbrooks
Matthew Holbrooks
Energy Management Systems & Control Shop Manager

If you would like to obtain access to Metasys, please contact Energy Management Systems' lead Matthew Holbrooks. A quickstart guide is available to configure your PC's connection to Metasys, as well as comprehensive instructional videos for understanding how to get the information you want from the system.