Clemson Compost has played a role in many regional farms and local home gardens. Below are just a few testimonials on how our product has helped in their success.

Jeff Hopkins-Musser Fruit Farm

Photo of Jeff Hopkins Musser Fruit Research Center

"At the Musser Fruit Research Center, we have a mutually beneficial relationship with Clemson Compost. We use their compost for many different purposes all year round: for research trials, to enrich landscape plantings and to nourish small fruit crops such as blueberries. Convenient, high quality, weed-free and reasonably priced, Clemson compost helps us improve our soil through the addition of nutrients and organic matter."

"Applying it also returns one of the farm’s chief exports – peaches! All peaches fit for composting are collected through their daily summer pick-up. We are thankful that Clemson Compost helps us capture a major waste stream and we appreciate using the resulting product that improves the soil quality of the farm."

Nathan-Growing Green Family Farms

"Clemson Compost Has offered exceptional service and high-quality product that has enabled our farm to boost our vegetable production while increasing the organic matter in our soil. Since our initial adding of Clemson Compost products, the fertility we now have in our farm has enabled us to grow exponentially more produce on the same acreage While also greatly decreasing our pest pressure."

Supun Wellappuli Arachchi

“When I first looked online for the amount of compost I needed, it was going to be expensive. Then I found out you guys had it for a significantly cheaper price. I first ordered 2 yards online and came to speak with David. David knows a lot of stuff and has provided excellent customer service."


Photo of Jeff Hopkins Musser Fruit Research Center


Photo of Jeff Hopkins Musser Fruit Research Center

"For a month I was coming in everyday, taking like 2 or 3 yards each day. I didn’t use anything else besides the compost. The compost has been really helpful for my garden."


"I was first directed to Clemson Compost through a friend when I was looking for organic compost for my summer gardening. I have found myself to be extremely satisfied with the compost and with David’s customer service. Since using the compost, I have found my garden to have enhanced growth and crops. I highly recommend this product to others. It is a very good quality compost for a decent price!"