Our Products

We are currently able to offer you Clemson’s Compost in screened and unscreened varieties. Screened material contains no particles over 3/8". All unscreened products sold may contain medium to large woodchip and minimal inorganic material.

Screened Compost

Photo of 3/8 Screened Compost

Compost is high in organic content and ideal for raised beds, potted containers, mulching, and garden soil amendment. It is created from captured food waste and wood chips generated from campus.

Screened compost is available in bulk or in small bags. Sizes and prices can be found on our CU Markeplace store front.

Unscreened Compost

Photo of Unscreened Compost

Leaf mold or leaf mulch is ideal for soil conditioning and water retention in soil. It is created from composting collected leaves and grass clippings from campus.