Design & Construction

Design & Construction

No Building Too Big, No Renovation Too Small
Image of a illustrative rendering of the capital project process.

The Design & Construction team at Clemson University offers comprehensive project management services encompassing new constructions and renovations. Our responsibilities span guiding the bidding process for new capital projects (or) Renovations, drafting design and construction agreements, issuing Building Permits, coordinating with contractors throughout active construction phases, and ensuring adherence to International Building Codes, NFPA, ASHRAE and Clemson's construction standards.

Our dedicated project managers collaborate closely with clients to ensure our work aligns with their expectations and is completed promptly. The Office of Codes and Compliance oversees a set of meticulous instructions and standards, known as the Standards for Commission Architects and Engineers, designed for universal adoption by all parties involved in new construction or renovation undertakings. These standards are in addition to International Building Codes and other applicable construction standards adopted by the State and dictated by the Office of State Engineers. Strict adherence to these codes and standards is expected, and any deviations must receive prior approval before the commencement of work.

Photo of Tommi Jones
Tommi Jones
Director of Project Management

Other PDC Areas

Our team offers a comprehensive project management solution tailored to meet the diverse needs of your project. In addition to our core services, Design & Construction collaborates closely with other divisions within the PDC framework, including Planning, and Space Management. Visit Planning for insights into upcoming initiatives, explore the latest mapping resources available to Clemson users at GIS, and consult Space Management for any requirements regarding the utilization and layout of existing spaces.