Workforce Development

Workforce Development

Program Overview

As part of its mission, Clemson University is “committed to the personal growth of the individual and promotes an environment of good decision making, healthy and ethical lifestyles, and tolerance and respect for others.” To that end, the Workforce Development program is about providing the resources and support necessary for University Facilities staff to maximize their potential through an ongoing process of education and empowerment. This allows our staff the opportunity for personal and professional growth while also providing the University with a highly skilled workforce. We work closely with employees and supervisors to identify educational needs and develop internal training programs and partner with other resources to meet those needs.

Areas of Focus

Our program assists with growth in the following areas: Career Progression, Internal Internships, Skilled Trade Apprenticeships, Leadership Development, Continuing Education, and Licenses and Certifications.

Leadership Development

The Facilities Leadership Development Program (FLDP) is a leadership development program which helps prepare individuals for leadership roles within facilities. FLDP provides a framework to support the personal and professional growth of Clemson University staff aspiring to become future leaders. Please contact Haley Cox for additional information.

Career Progression

A Career Progression plan is in the works. Stay tuned for more information when it becomes available.

Awards and Recognition

University Facilities rewards staff members for being champions of our Safety program in the form of "Challenge Coins." These coins can be exchanged for various prizes that increase in value based on the number of coins earned. Facilities employees can learn more at our internal Awards and Recognition page.

Haley Cox
Training Coordinator