Landscape Services

Landscape Services

Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Services provides a number of specialized services to the campus. Our campus landscape crews are responsible for routine maintenance such as mowing, pruning, mulching, weeding, soil testing, cleaning surfaces, leaf removal, and pesticide application. In addition, landscape crews restore older plantings and prepare and plant new ornamental plantings. Our irrigation specialists perform vital tasks such as designing and installing irritation systems as well as additions to existing systems, scheduling irrigation maintenance, troubleshooting and repairing irrigation systems, overseeing irrigation system plans, and determining the water requirements for specific areas on campus.

Managing and Maintaining Campus Trees

Landscape's arbor crew implements and maintains a comprehensive tree inventory of approximately 7000 trees. Preventive arboricultural maintenance and tree removals are also the responsibility of the arbor crew. You can find out more regarding removals and replantings at our dedicated Tree Removal and Replantings page.

Other Services

Our greenhouse provides foliage plants for the President's home as well as administrative offices on campus and bedding plants for outdoor seasonal use around campus. The greenhouse staff also maintains palms and ferns that are available to rent for campus events. Landscape's heavy equipment crew assists with equipment operation for departments around campus, repairs campus roadways as needed. We also provides litter control to the entire campus promoting a safe and clean learning environment. During snow and ice emergencies, Landscape personnel are responsible for keeping the campus safe and accessible for those living and working on campus.