Custodial & Recycling Services

Custodial Services

Department Overview

Custodial & Recycling Services prides itself on contributing to a clean and safe learning environment. We strategically manage the task through a combination of a dedicated in-house custodial staff and contracted support. We also operate the University's recycling center and promote sustainability throughout campus.

Custodial Services

Depending on the area of campus, you may encounter Custodial Services staff members or a member of HHS, both of which are managed by Custodial Services. We are responsible for cleaning and maintaining all Housing as well as Education and General Funds (E&G) buildings. For more information on our services please refer to our Custodial Customer Service Guide located below in the Related Resources section.

Recycling at Clemson University

While Custodial Services focuses on keeping areas clean and contributing to recycling efforts, Recycling Services looks for ways to reduce waste, promote reusable materials and encourage recycling everywhere on campus. You can learn more at our comprehensive Recycling website.

Let Us Know How We're Doing

If you have a question or concern about Custodial & Recycling Services, we would like to know. Feel free to reach out to any one of our points of contact by e-mail or phone.

Photograph of Reggie Hawthorne
Reggie Hawthorne
Director of Custodial & Recycling Services