Key / Lock Change Request

In order to have room and building keys cut or locks changed in University buildings, the appropriate form needs to be initiated by the requesting department. 

Key and Core Requests now have their own forms.

If you've submitted a key or core request in the past, you'll notice that we now have separate forms for each which are available for download below.

Submitting a Request

New keys and cores can be requested by filling out the Key Request form.

Some Things to Remember

PLEASE NOTE: All submitted requests must be signed by authorized personnel and Building Security Coordinator prior to submitting the form to Facilities.
  • Hand-written submissions will be not be accepted. Please use a PDF reader to fill out the document.
  • Any notes hand-written on printed requests will also cause the submission to be returned.  
  • Please submit a request for ONE building per form. Key or core requests for multiple buildings will not be accepted.
  • Please make sure that the form has the signatures of both the person authorized to charge to a 23-digit departmental account and the Building Security Coordinator for the building in question. Unless both signatures are present, Facilities cannot act on your request.
  • Both the Key and Core Request forms can be submitted electronically using the E-Mail to Facilities button within the form. They can also be printed and submitted to University Facilities as a scanned PDF, which can be sent to University Facilities Dispatch via e-mail.  Finally, requests can be sent by fax at 656-0793, or via inter-campus mail addressed to Facilities Dispatch.

Finally, please understand that while this is a request for door keys, it does not pertain to keys for University Housing.  If you have any questions about using these forms, feel free to contact the Dispatch office at 656-2186.