Workforce Safety

Workforce Safety

Program Overview

Protecting the health and safety of the campus community and the environment is of primary concern to Clemson University Facilities. To effectively meet this objective, we've developed a Comprehensive Safety Plan designed to build a culture of sustainable safety improvements. This is achieved by empowering staff to assume responsibility for safety in their environment through education, awareness, access to resources and support at the organizational level.

Safety Growls

Safety meetings, known internally as Safety Growls, are led by representatives from each area. Meetings are held on a daily basis with few exceptions. A dedicated webpage accessible only to Facilities staff provides an up-to-date list of Safety Growl reps along with current meeting times and locations.

Headshot photo of Tim Nix
Tim Nix
Safety Coordinator

A Commitment to Safety

Clemson University Facilities is committed to providing a safe workplace, necessary protective equipment, appropriate safety training, access to appropriate medical care for its employees, and to protecting the environment for students, other University employees, and the community. The safety program helps provide employees with a safe and healthy work environment. Our goal is to develop a safety consciousness among employees and others engaged in work for Clemson to reduce accidents and occupational illnesses to a minimum and identify and control safety, health and environmental hazards associated with its operations.

Safety Absolutes

University Facilities has developed a list of rules internal to our organization that our employees are required to follow. These Safety Absolutes are intended to encourage and promote a culture of safety during day to day operations.

We must work together and accept personal responsibility for our safety and the safety of those with whom we work. Each employee's enthusiastic commitment to our Safety Program is vital in fostering this kind of work environment.

If you spot something on campus that you suspect could pose a safety risk to students, employees or visitors, please report the issue to the Safety Coordinator on our Contacts page.

No job is so important and no service so urgent that we cannot take time to perform our work safely.

Awards and Recognition

University Facilities rewards staff members for being champions of our Safety program in the form of "Challenge Coins." These coins can be exchanged for various prizes that increase in value based on the number of coins earned. Facilities employees can learn more at our internal Awards and Recognition page.