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A photograph dated 1965 of underground steam and electric distribution tunnel construction

Steam and electric distribution tunnel construction circa 1965.

Sections of Clemson University’s current underground utility infrastructure were originally installed back in the 1950s and are quickly approaching the end of their life span. Outdated and less reliable designs, coupled with the exponential growth of building system technologies over the past decade alone, have driven Clemson to be proactive in modernizing the campus’ infrastructure. We have committed to investing in our University’s future by not only bringing the campus up to today’s utility supply standards but preparing for our future.

The short-term effect of this campus-wide enhancement is road construction. The road work you have been seeing is due to the installation of new underground chilled water, steam, telecom, and electrical distribution lines. These utilities are what we rely on every day to cool and heat our buildings, keep our devices and equipment online, and provide enough electricity to power the entire campus.

Road Work Map

University Facilities strives to communicate these disruptions as quickly as possible through its disruption calendar, Twitter account and official blog. In addition to these tools, we are now rolling out a Google map that displays upcoming road work and recommended detours. Active road work is coded in red, and anticipated road work is tagged in blue. Businesses, organizations and facilities along Highway 93 will remain largely accessible with minimal disruptions.

While it can be viewed on a mobile device, we highly recommend viewing this map on a desktop or laptop PC as the images associated with each closure can be hard to view on a phone or tablet. These close-ups often display exactly where traffic will be disrupted, how traffic will flow through or detour from a closure, and other helpful information.

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