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Utility Services

Invest Yourself in Clemson's Sustainable Energy Fund

Sustainable Energy Funds (SEFs) are an accounting mechanism used to improve energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint of an institution. Many universities across the country have developed SEFs as a means to reduce energy consumption and help meet sustainability goals. Clemson would benefit from a SEF in the same way.

SEFs work by starting with some initial seed money, which is invested in efficiency projects such as lighting, HVAC, or control system improvements. The savings generated from these projects are routed back into the fund, creating a positive feedback loop. Because the fund continually grows, it is possible to complete ever-larger efficiency projects that will help Clemson meet its sustainability goals.

Propose Your Own Project

You can now be part of Clemson's sustainability initiative by proposing your concepts and innovative ideas about sustainability. If you have a idea you'd like to discuss with us, please contact our Energy Awareness Manager with the details. We will review the project idea and if it is a viable concept, we will fund it through SEF.

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