Project Requests

Oftentimes the cost of maintenance requests will exceed what we consider routine maintenance. The types of projects we undertake include interior renovations as well as exterior improvements to almost any aspect of campus. If you would like to request a new project for your area, please submit a Facilities Project Request form, after which a project manager will contact you within a week's time.

When completing the form, please refer to the instructions below which describe how to respond to each section.

Section A – Department Use

When completing Section A:

  1. The Building Security Coordinator for each building must be included in this process.
  2. Include as much detail in Project Scope as possible.
  3. For space requests, the Project Requestor must check the box indicating that the request involves the reconfiguration of University space, change in space function or use, reassignment of space to occupants from a differing academic or administrative unit, or addition of space through lease or new construction.

After completing all fields in Section A, the Project Requester must digitally sign the form followed by the Building Security Coordinator. The BSC must then send the form to Facilities using the embedded E-mail to Facilities button. Alternatively, the BSC can simply attach this form to an email addressed to

Once the project is created within our system, a Facilities Project Manager will contact you within one week to schedule a meeting to review the scope of your project. If a detailed budget estimate is needed, please allow an additional two weeks depending on the complexity of the project.

For space requests, a representative from University Planning & Design will contact you within one week to schedule a meeting to evaluate the request and determine the required approval process as detailed within the Capital Project and Space Assignment Approval Policy. For space requests, Sections B – I of the Project/Space Request Form are not required for completion unless the request involves the reconfiguration of existing space or construction of new space.

Section B – University Facilities

Once the estimate is complete, the Project Manager will complete Section B and return the Facilities Project Request Form with a Project Cost Estimate Summary to you for approval.

Note: All project requests (excluding space requests) now require an asbestos and lead paint survey prior to estimating. The department will not have to pay for the cost of the survey, however, if the project area is found to contain asbestos and/or lead, any abatement costs will become part of the total project cost and borne by the department. There are some exceptions for relatively small projects where partial funding for abatement may be available from Facilities if the cost of abatement will exceed 25% of the estimated construction costs. The abatement estimate will be included in the project estimate. The asbestos and lead survey alone may take 2 weeks for small projects and 3 weeks for large projects. Estimates can take up to 4 weeks depending on the scope of the work and the extent of the asbestos/lead survey.

Section C – Approvals

If you would like to proceed with the project, complete Section C by adding account number(s) and an approved digital signature (handwritten signatures are not accepted). Attach the signed Facilities Project Request Form to an email addressed to If approval is not received within 30 days from estimate date, the project request will be canceled.

Sections D through I will be used in the event of change orders to the original project estimate.