Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

Elevators & Fire Alarms

Certain parts of the university require specialized maintenance, and we have a dedicated technician specifically for building elevators as well as the campus fire alarm system. Maintenance Services also ensures that all buildings have fully functional fire extinguishers through regular inspections..

Fire Alarms, Extinguishers, Tank Suppression Systems

All campus facilities, be it classrooms, research labs or office spaces are connected to the university fire alarm system. If you have not been informed of any tests or inspections in your area and you hear or see an active fire alarm, please exit to a safe location some distance away from the building. Some areas are equipped with fire panels which list any yellow light or audible trouble alarms that are currently active. If you happen to see an alert on a fire panel in your building, please call University Facilities Dispatch at (864) 656-2186..

University Facilities performs annual inspections on fire extinguishers all over campus. If an extinguisher is used for any reason, it should be replaced as soon as possible. Also, if you notice an extinguisher has lost pressure or missed its yearly inspection, we should be notified as soon as possible. We also provide new extinguishers upon request. In all of these cases, please use our on-line service request form to contact us for assistance.

Similar to fire extinguishers, tank suppression systems are present in various locations on campus and are used in food service, chemical, or archival storage. In case of fire, such a system releases a gas or powder to suppress flames very quickly. As with extinguishers, Maintenance Services performs annual inspections on all tank suppression systems.

Elevator Maintenance and Upgrades

Maintenance Services ensures that elevators within all buildings undergo regular preventative maintenance, and repair those lifts deemed out of order. We also responding to entrapments during working hours. Any trouble with an elevator should be reported to University Facilities as soon as possible. If you happen to notice a malfunction or if someone happens to become entrapped after business hours, please report the problem to security at 656-2222. In the case of a building with only one elevator, an after-hours contractor will arrive to resolve the issue provided the elevator is unoccupied. In the case of buildings with two elevators, please use the working elevator and submit a request the following day for service.

If you have general questions or concerns about any of the information above, please contact Steve Black at (864) 643-6133.

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