Recycling Services

Recycling Services

Composting at Clemson

Recycling Services manages a compost site which processes food waste from campus. Located at the Cherry Crossing Research Facility, the site also serves as a drop off area for logs, leaves, and yard waste collected from campus by Landscape Services. These materials are ground into mulch for reuse or sale.

Compost Can Be Purchased

If you are in the market for compost for personal use, you'll be happy to know that we often have compost available for purchase by the public through our secure online marketplace. These materials can be picked up directly from Cherry Crossing Research Facility, which is open from Monday through Thursday between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m.

The Black Soldier Fly Project

Man's intolerance for the fly is well established, with the fly swatter often serving as the only form of diplomacy between the two. As it happens, the black soldier fly is winning the hearts and minds of scientists the world over for its assistance in composting and waste reduction. The Black Soldier Fly Project is a waste-to-energy sustainability program at Clemson University which teaches students how to transform waste into valuable resources. We believe that providing this kind of opportunity to students is vital to cultivating a sustainable future. With your support students will be enabled to further explore the potential of these unique insects while backing the sustainability efforts on campus.