Recycling Services
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Clemson Recycling Services and Solid Green are all about taking pride in Clemson's campus, taking responsibility for keeping it clean and taking action to help sustain the environment. We urge students, faculty, staff and the public to recycle in order to prevent area landfills from being the final resting place for items that can be reused or repurposed.

Our Statistics

Clemson University recycled 1,349 tons of recovered materials in the 2014-2015 school year. Over 6,000 trees were saved from paper recycling alone. We also managed to prevent cardboard and paper waste from taking up about 6,800 cubic yards of local landfill space. Other recovered materials include:

  • 119 tons of scrap metal
  • 28 tons of plastic
  • 21 tons of glass
  • 28 tons of electronics
  • 5 tons of lightbulbs

In addition to acculumating recycling, we also managed to generate 170 tons of compost from University food waste. Learn more about our Composting Program.