Recycling Services
Football Game Day Recycling


Recycling for tailgates is different than the normal Clemson recycling system.

1. Get Your Recycling Bag

Student volunteers hand out recycling bags to tailgaters - so keep an eye out for students in #2minutecampusclean or Solid Green t-shirts!

student with recycle bag pic

2. Sort Your Waste

Place empty recyclables into the recycling bag.

 Accepted Items

plastic bottles pic

​#1 Plastic Bottles​

plastic bottles & jugs pic

​#2 Plastic Bottles & Jugs

plastic cups pic

​#5 Plastic Cups

plastic lids pic

​#5 Plastic Lids​

plastic containers pic

​#5 Plastic Containers

Aluminum Cans pic

​Aluminum Cans

Aluminum foil pic

​Aluminum foil

Steel cans pic

​Steel cans

Paperboard pic


cardboard pic


pizza boxes pic

Pizza boxes (clean)

glass bottles and jars pic

​Glass bottles & jars

3. Leave Bag at Your Tailgate

Leave the bag at your tailgate spot after the game.

4. We Collect the Bags

Clemson teams collect the bags Saturday night and Sunday morning.​

5. We Sort Material By Hand

The bags get hand sorted by our recycling team and sent off to be recycled. Properly sorted bags save our team a lot of time and effort, so thank you for sorting carefully!​

In the Stadium

green recycling bins pic

Keep an eye out for green recycling bins as you enter the stadium - you can drop off the bottles and cans you aren’t allowed to bring inside.​

blue recycling bins pic

There are blue recycling bins in the concourse areas for bottles and cans.​