Recycling Services
Recycling Process
People Dispose of Waste pic

People Dispose of Waste

People create waste and then dispose of waste in recycling, composting, or landfill bins.

Custodians Service Bins pic

Custodians Service Bins

Clemson custodians collect the waste from the stations and bring it to either a consolidation area in the building or a dumpster. Consolidation bins and recycling bags are put out at the curb once a week for pickup.

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Recycling Team Picks Up Recycling

Our recycling team picks up the recycling on route in a stake-side truck and rear loading truck and brings it back to Kite Hill.

Recycling Is Sorted

Our team sorts the recycling by hand to remove contamination.

Recycling Is Baled

Clean materials are baled by type.

Bales Are Loaded

Bales are weighed and loaded onto a trailer.

Trailer Goes to MRF

Once the trailer is full, it goes to a large Material Recovery Facility (MRF) that connects the material to buyers who recycle the product

Our Recycling Facilities

Kite Hill Recycling Facility

Kite Hill Recycling Facility is where we process all of the university’s day to day recycling.

If you’d like to tour Kite Hill, please contact us to schedule a day and time.

Pendleton Transfer Station

The Pendleton Transfer Station used to be a landfill transfer station, but in 2019 it became our facility for game day sorting.

Recycling Team pic