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Food Waste Reduction

The Clemson Food Waste Recovery Initiative FWRI is a collaborative outreach campaign that seeks to identify the current life cycle of food waste on campus.

The FWRI brings together ambassadors from the public and private sectors dedicated to sharing knowledge, coordinating resources and working together to reduce food waste in South Carolina.

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Biodiesel Program

Disclaimer: This CI may not be offered every semester

If you'd like to learn how to make biodiesel, check out the biodiesel creative inquiry!

The Clemson Sustainable Biofuels Pilot Plant creates biodiesel from the cooking oil waste generated on campus. The biodiesel is used to fuel some of Clemson's diesel trucks, including those used for our composting operations at Cherry Crossing.

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Black Soldier Fly

Disclaimer: This CI may not be offered every semester.

The Black Soldier Fly Project is a waste-to-energy sustainability program at Clemson University which teaches students how to transform waste into valuable resources.