Recycling Services
Need a new bin?

Let us know here, and we’ll send one your way.

Here are the bin options available:

Desk side and residence hall bins pic

Desk side and residence hall bins

Desk side bins can come with a mini landfill bin as well.

Compost bins pic

Compost Bins

If you would like a compost bin, please contact

Hallway recycling stations pic

Hallway recycling stations

These bins are provided in campus buildings. If a hallway station in your building is missing a bin, lid, or sign, please let us know.

office bin pic

Bins for office cleanout and document destruction

Documents are recycled or shredded. This is acceptable for cleaning out your file cabinets of material you do not want the general public accessing but are not of the importance level required for long term storage or secure shredding.

Confidential shred bin pic

Confidential shred bin

This method should be used for documents with identifying information on them, such as social security numbers and driver's license numbers.

Secure shredding requests can be made as one-time requests or scheduled on a bi-weekly or monthly basis.

Confidential shred services are handled by a contractor and billed back to the department who requests them.

For more information or to make a request, contact Dave VanDeventer at

Construction Demolition Dumpsters pic

Construction & Demolition Dumpsters

Departments can order recycling dumpsters for construction and demolition material.