We Can See the Future
Image of a table with an architectural model sitting on exploratory blueprints.

Through thoughtful planning, design, and engineering, our group guides the evolution of the campus landscape in a way that enriches student life, meets the needs of the community, and enhances the image, experience, and culture of the university.

Much of our work relates to Clemson's vision for the future, the Long-Range Framework Plan, including its development as well as ensuring adherence from others to the plan itself. This includes maintaining and enforcing Clemson's Site Design Guidelines.

Our Feasibility Studies help identify, prioritize, and recommend new additions to the campus. Architect and Engineering firms can find the latest projects open for bidding on our A/E Selections page. Those interested in the LFRP and additional future plans can find out more in our master planning section.

Interested in our past work? Previous Plans and Reports are also available for viewing.

Photograph of Pete Knudsen
Pete Knudsen
Director of Planning & Design

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