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My Work Orders and Other Resources

Here you can find various online resources that we provide to support our clients and end-users.

Work Order Search
for Work Orders After July 1, 2010

Activities within Clemson University Facilities are catalogued and tracked via our asset-management system. If you'd like to view the status or results of a particular work order, try searching by...

My Work Orders

My Work Orders allows our customers to view open work orders and work orders that have been closed within 60 days. If you would like to see the status of your work orders, please use the link below.

AssetWorks AiM

Building Floor Plans

We provide our campus Building Floor Plans in .PDF format.  Please note that these drawings are restricted and require a valid Clemson employee userid and password to access them.

Digital Signature Tutorial

University Facilities is gradually converting many of the electronic forms that we use everyday to include the ability to sign a form using a digital signature.  We realize this is a new method of signing documents and have created a tutorial for users to refer to when encountering forms that contain digital signature fields.


While not a resource maintained by University Facilities, SkillPort is a Learning Management System that represents part of Clemson University's commitment to the continuing professional development of faculty, staff and students through e-Learning.  Facilities supports the University's effort and encourages all users at Clemson to take advantage of the vast amount of free educational courses and literature available at SkillPort.  For more information on Clemson e-Learning as well as an explanation of SkillPort, please visit the e-Learning with SkillPort website.