Environmental Safety

Environmental Safety

Hazard Communication

Hazard Communication is a federal regulation that is designed to protect workers from hazardous chemicals in the workplace. It is also known as your Right-To-Know. The goal is to help employees recognize dangerous materials and the associated potential hazards.

Employees that work with hazardous chemicals must complete the required training upon initial hire, if an incident occurs in the workplace, or when OSHA makes a change to the standard. This training provides the general overview of Hazard Communication, which does include Safety Data Sheet information, proper container labeling, hazard symbols, and detection of leaks or spills. In addition, your supervisor must review with you the hazards that may occur in your workplace, including anytime that a new hazard is introduced.

Clemson University will help to educate you as to what the hazardous products are that you will be working with, and it is your right to use the appropriate personal protective equipment correctly and to follow additional safety guidelines for every job task. If you have any questions or comments about hazard communication, please let us know.

Hazardous Waste Training

In addition to Hazard Communication, depending on job functions and departmental requirements you may also be required to complete Hazardous Waste Training provided by the Office of Research Safety.

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Lara Armstrong
Environmental Safety Program Manager