Environmental Safety

Environmental Safety

Asbestos Inspections

Per DHEC Regulation 61-86.1, Section VI: Small Projects, University Facilities requires than an asbestos survey be performed prior to any campus renovation or alteration. Please note that this state requirement could impact both the cost and schedule of a project or work order, regardless of the size of the alteration. Examples include carpeting, flooring--even simple projects requiring the penetration of walls, ceilings, floors, etc.

If your department will be self-performing any of the above alteration or renovation work you must submit a work order to Facilities for an asbestos survey prior to disrupting any surfaces.

As described in the regulation:

Inspections must have been performed no earlier than three years prior to the renovation or demolition, or, if more than three years have elapsed since the most recent inspection.

Impact to Your Projects

When University Facilities receives either a permit application, project request form, or a work order, a check of our records will be conducted to determine if an asbestos inspection of the project area has been performed within the past three years. If there is no current inspection, one must be performed before a project can be properly estimated to insure abatement costs are included. Also, no work can proceed until any abatement required has been satisfied.

Inspection Costs

University Facilities has a contract for providing these inspections. The cost of inspections for minor projects is currently covered centrally by the institution with settlement funds, however, once settlement funds are exhausted each project or department sponsor will be required to pay for the inspection as part of project or work order cost. Large renovation projects estimated to cost more than $500,000 may be required to cover the cost of asbestos inspections.

Regardless of project sponsor, any abatement costs required as a result of the inspection will be funded by the project or work order sponsor.