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Utility Services plays a significant role in supporting the construction of new facilities and upgrades to existing structures. Here you can find information about the department's involvement in current and upcoming utility construction planning.

Highway 93

Project Update: Dec. 15-19 Highway 93 manhole construction

Traffic will be impacted significantly to allow workers to safely install a new electrical manhole.Update: This project has been postponed and will be rescheduled for some time after December 20th. Starting December 15, traffic […] Read more

Clemson University continues to evolve, with upgrades to existing buildings and the construction of much needed facilities for students, faculty and staff.  The development of Douthit Hills into a hub for student living and recreation, along with the plans for a dedicated building for the College of Business requires the upgrade of electrical, telecommunication, and utility systems along Highway 93.  These upgrades will have a significant impact to traffic flow along this major artery through the University.  What follows is an overview of what the campus and greater Clemson community can expect during this period of construction.

Jarred Fleming
Utility Construction Project Manager

Technical Summary

This project will result in the installation of electrical and telecommunications raceway systems, as well as thermal distribution utility piping and valves along Highway 93 (Walter T. Cox Blvd.).   Other objectives include selective demolition and repairs of the roadway, sidewalk, and landscaping.  Project activity will span Highway 93 from Centennial Road to Cherry Street.


Work is projected to commence in February 2018 with utility upgrades to be installed in sections to minimize traffic disruptions.  Access to adjacent, non-University properties will be maintained at all times.  Access and flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic will be maintained to the greatest extent possible.  Please see this visual which displays the extents of construction and estimated timelines.  Two-way traffic will be maintained with adequate barriers and signage for sections 1 and 2, and construction within section 3 will be scheduled during the summer while traffic and students will be at the lowest volume (May to August 2018).

Complete closure of Highway 93 from Sikes Hall to College Avenue from May 12th to August 1, 2018 will be necessary to make electrical distribution upgrades required for the construction of the College of Business.  The closure will also enable construction crews to re-align the intersection of Calhoun Drive and Highway 93.  The northern most lane of 93 will remain open for westbound construction traffic for the College of Business, community traffic to the residents of Daniel Square to access the complex via Sherman Road, emergency vehicles and CAT buses.  The northern lane of Highway 93 will be restricted to right in/right out only traffic for drivers heading westbound.

The general public should avoid Highway 93 during construction to the greatest extent possible to avoid traffic delays.

Estimated Date of Completion

It is anticipated that construction along Highway 93 will be complete by August 1, 2018.  If construction is delayed due to unforeseen conditions, construction activities will be limited during special events on campus (i.e., home sporting events, commencement, concerts, etc).  In addition, all lanes of Highway 93 will be open during heavy traffic loads including student move in, home football games and graduation commencement.

In addition to the work stated above, the University will also be installing chilled water piping along Calhoun Drive from its intersection with Highway 93 to Olin Hall. Work will be completed in phases to minimize traffic and parking disruptions along this route.  Construction  is scheduled to commence in January 2018 and expected to be completed in March of the same year. See this diagram for viewing the extents of this construction.

Additional Information to Come

Updates will be provided as work progresses to inform the public of the status of the construction and where road/traffic disruptions should be expected. Time-sensitive updates can be found on the official University Facilities Twitter account, and more thorough statements on project activity will be made available on the Univeristy Facilities blog site.

If you have questions or concerns about the Highway 93 project, please contact Utility Services Project Manager Jarred Fleming.